Why Hire a Baylor Grad?

by Elizabeth Potter

A program is being developed to help graduating MBA candidates land a job. The goal of the program is to find jobs through alumni already established in the business world.

“Alumni are our most important resource when it comes to identifying job/internship opportunities for our current students,” says Kevin Nall, Associate Director for MBA Career Management at Baylor. “Alumni know how challenging and in some cases how nerve rattling the job search can be. They have already done it.”

“It also requires students to take responsibility for their own careers and put forth the effort to contact and communicate with alumni who are willing to help. We want our students to become competent with the tools used in the job search which will inevitably lead to the confidence necessary to execute a successful job search. The great thing about it for the student is that they will take those skills with them for the rest of their professional careers. Their first job out of the MBA program will likely not be their last.”

Baylor Business Review, Spring 2006

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