Why Hire a Baylor Grad?

“Pariveda’s unique approach to career development requires a smart and driven person to succeed. Due to an exceptional educational experience, Baylor grads bring that intelligence paired with leadership and dedication to our world of technology consulting. Baylor has played a significant role in the success of our company as Baylor grads span from the most recently hired all the way to our CEO. We will continue to hire graduates that come from Baylor University and grow them from consultants to leaders.”

Collins DeLoach
Vice President, Pariveda Solutions
BBA – Management Information Systems ‘94

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Pariveda Solutions, Inc. is a leading technology consulting firm delivering technology solutions. Pariveda’s technology solutions include Mobility, Cloud, Data, Portals and Collaboration, Custom Software, Enterprise Integration, CRM (customer relationship management) and Strategy. Pariveda Solutions, Inc. is an employee-owned private company with a core mission to develop, manage and apply talent for the benefit of their clients. The company operates on a local project delivery model and its locations span nine cities across the U.S. For more information, visit www.parivedasolutions.com.

Pariveda Solutions and The Business of IT are trademarks of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Dallas, Texas

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Baylor Business Review, Fall 2013

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