Joe Longbotham, BBA ’82

Longbotham Investment Company, Inc. | President & CEO

by Kristin Todd

After 15 years as president of Cardinal Capital Partners, Inc., a real estate investment firm that focuses exclusively on the acquisition of corporate real estate, Joe Longbotham was ready for a slower pace. However, his passion for the real estate industry has kept him running.

“In 2003, I left CCP and established Longbotham Investment Company to support my personal real estate investments and allow more time to spend with my family,” he said. “My departure from CCP was meant to be for a slower pace, but my entrepreneurial spirit has still kept me busy in real estate investments, primarily in the Dallas/Fort Worth markets.”

Through his company, Longbotham is involved in everything from land development to income producing properties and asset management. He counts the diversification of the real estate industry as his main draw. “There is never a formula for success,” he said. “Every transaction has to be evaluated on its own merits. Every deal is different and requires thought and creativity.”

Although Longbotham enjoys being an entrepreneur involved in real estate, he was an Accounting major at Baylor. “My accounting background has been a solid foundation for me,” he said. “The devil is in the details, and understanding financial statements and financing tools is essential in real estate.”

Relationships established at Baylor have carried on throughout Longbotham’s career and have continued to impact his personal and professional life. “I developed friendships at Baylor that I continue to enjoy and do work with in my business endeavors,” he said. “Attending Baylor helped me understand the importance of hard work, surrounding myself with quality people, and striving to achieve a healthy balance.”

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