Larry Heard, BBA ’80

Transwestern | President and CEO

by Kristin Todd Stires

Larry Heard was immersed in the real estate industry before he even graduated from Baylor. “I had an internship the summer before I graduated with a Houston-based commercial real estate developer and was immediately attracted to almost every aspect of the business,” Heard said. “Interacting with a variety of people and creating something where nothing existed before is at the same time rewarding and stimulating.”

After graduation and work experience, Heard was hired by Transwestern, one of the largest privately held commercial real estate and development firms in the nation. Twenty-five years later, Heard continues to impact the industry through his work at the firm as president and CEO.

“The commercial real estate industry tests your capacity in a variety of areas each and every day,” he said. “Ultimately, in our business, it is about possessing the skill to persuade others to understand and embrace your vision.”

Heard said holding a positive vision and a futuristic perspective is key to staying successful in the industry. Considering Transwestern celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, Heard and the company have seen the payoffs of visionary investments. “Since our business is always changing, always evolving, the primary challenge in running a company is making decisions today that shape what you will look like as a firm three to five years down the road,” he said.

While looking ahead, Heard also reflects on his time spent at Baylor. He said he admired the competitive spirit alive at Baylor and has incorporated that spirit into his professional life. “Baylor taught me to compete hard to win, but to win the right way,” he said. “It reinforced the critical value of having a good name and the importance of integrity being closely associated with all of your actions.”

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