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From Bill Thomas, to Kendall Artz to Dawn Carlson to Bill Petty

For many alumni, their time as Hankamer School of Business (HSB) students was marked by the faculty who invested in their futures. From Bill Thomas to Kendall Artz to Dawn Carlson to Bill Petty, HSB faculty make a difference. Whether teaching the keys to their later success, or serving as mentors, they invest in students’ lives in a meaningful and lasting way.

Baylor Business continues to seek out faculty who are leaders in their fields, scholars committed to rigorous academic discovery and dedicated teachers and mentors who will serve Baylor’s mission. Recruiting faculty members remains an expensive, yet critical, endeavor. An endeavor that the Give Light Campaign will support.

“As we look to the future of the Hankamer School of Business, recruiting and retaining highly qualified, highly-productive faculty researchers remains a priority,” said Terry Maness, dean of the Hankamer School of Business. “We want faculty who not only can serve as role models and mentors, but who are also at the forefront of research in their fields. We know that this elite level of faculty will require us to invest significantly into faculty positions. The Give Light Campaign is how we will get there.”

HSB’s $125 million fundraising goal through the Give Light Campaign will support efforts to expand the depth and breadth of its academic and research endeavors, from increasing the School’s focus on business analytics and cybersecurity, to leadership and ethics training, to building upon its national prominence in entrepreneurship and free enterprise and students’ access to research and mentoring. All of these endeavors require increased collaboration with and support from faculty, and the School will need to increase its faculty endowment in order to attract and retain teacher-scholars who are leaders in their fields.

HSB’s goal is one part of the Give Light Campaign’s ambitious $1.1 billion fundraising effort, which is designed to undergird Baylor’s academic strategic plan, Illuminate, and its pillars and initiatives. One of the foundational pillars of Illuminate calls for Baylor to be a place where its research and scholarship are marked by quality, impact and visibility – where faculty contribute significantly to the academy and enrich the academic experiences of Baylor Business students through their work.

The Business School faculty contribute greatly to this aspiration, and HSB is seeking to increase faculty endowment in order to better equip them with the resources they need.

Creating Faculty/Staff Support

Baylor Business is seeking nearly $50 million in philanthropic support to create key endowed faculty positions within the school that will provide sustaining support for research —for current and newly proposed academic programs. Such support is necessary to recruit and retain the next generation of dedicated mentors and gifted teachers who are a hallmark of the Business School’s faculty. In order to preserve this legacy – to ensure our students have faculty like Bill Thomas to guide them in their years at Baylor and beyond – the Hankamer School of Business is calling on its alumni and friends to shine a light on our talented scholar educators through their giving.

Endowed Research Funds

The Baylor Business family can also support faculty through gifts to programs and research, or through the establishment of endowed funds that encourage scholarly inquiry. Funds like these allow our alumni and the Baylor Family to support our faculty in their endeavors, just as they have supported generations of our students.

For more information about how you can support HSB through the Give Light Campaign, please visit or contact the following:

John HillisTrey Hagins
Senior Director of Development
Hankamer School of Business
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