Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Teaching Fellowships

The Hankamer School of Business is fortunate to have alumni and friends who support our faculty members through establishing endowed chairs, professorships and teaching fellowships. The School is thankful for this support that allows our faculty to educate and serve our students.


The Herman Brown Chair of Economics

Endowed by the Brown Foundation September 1978

The W. W. Caruth Chair of Entrepreneurship

Endowed by the Hillcrest Foundation October 1979

The Hazel and Harry Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business

Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Harry Chavanne, Houston, Texas, December 1972

The Carr P. Collins Chair of Finance

Endowed by Carr P. Collins Foundation, Inc. October 1979

The H. R. Gibson Chair in Management Development
Endowed by Friends of H. R. Gibson September 1973

The Frank S. Groner Memorial Endowed Chair of Finance

Endowed by Dr. & Mrs. Frank Groner, Memphis, Tenn., 1986

The Curtis Hankamer Chair of Entrepreneurship

Endowed by the Curtis & Doris Hankamer Foundation, Houston, Texas, June 1987

The Emerson O. Henke Chair of Accounting

Endowed by Friends of Dr. Emerson Henke, Waco, Texas, 1992

The Roderick L. Holmes Chair of Accountancy

Endowed by Friends of Dr. Rod Holmes, Waco, Texas, 1991

The Harriette L. and Walter G. Lacy, Jr., Chair of Banking

Endowed by the children of Harriette & Walter Lacy, Waco, Texas, December 1980

The Herman W. Lay Chair of Private Enterprise
Endowed by Mr. Herman W. Lay, Dallas, Texas, March 1978

The KPMG Peat Marwick – Thomas L. Holton Chair of Accounting

Endowed by the Peat Marwick Mitchell Foundation, New York, N.Y., November 1985

The Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair of Investment Management
Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Powers, Houston, Texas, May 1987

The Robert M. and Louise Rogers Chair of Entrepreneurship
Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rogers, Longview, Texas, 1984

The E. M. and Thelma Stevens Chair of Private Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Stevens, San Antonio, Texas, December 1977


The J. E. Bush Professorship in Accounting
Endowed by J. E. Bush Foundation, June 1981

The Randall W. and Sandra Ferguson Professorship in Information Systems

Endowed by Randall & Sandra Ferguson, Austin, Texas, September 1984

The Frank M. and Floy Smith Holloway Professorship in Marketing

Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Frank Holloway, September 1968

The Mrs. W. A. (Agnes) Mays Professorship in Entrepreneurship

Endowed by the Mays Foundation, Amarillo, Texas, October 1978

The Walter Plumhoff Professorship in Accounting

Endowed by Arthur Andersen & Co. Foundation and
Baylor Alumni associated with the firm, January 1975

The R. E. and Marilyn Reamer Professorship in Accounting

Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Reamer, Houston, Texas, 1986

The Dr. Joseph F. Schoen Visiting Professorship in Private Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. John W. Schoen In Memory of His Father, Albuquerque, N.M., July 1977

The W. H. Smith Professorship in Economics

Endowed by the Family of W. H. Smith

The Edwin W. Streetman Professorship in Retail Marketing

Endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Streetman, Austin, Texas March 1979

The Streich Family Professorship in Family Business and Succession
Endowed by the Families of W. A. Streich, Cecil Streich,
and Bill Streich, Wichita Falls, Texas, May 1979

The Ben H. Williams Faculty Endowments 
Endowed by Mr. Ben H. Williams, Fort Worth, Texas, May 1983


The Ernst & Young Teaching Fellowship (formerly Ernst & Whinney)

Endowed by Ernst & Whinney Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, November 1986

The William G. and Helen D. Habicht Faculty Fellowship

Endowed by the Estate of William G. Habicht

The KPMG Summer Faculty Fellowship
Endowed by KPMG

The Price Waterhouse Faculty Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in Accounting

Endowed by Price Waterhouse & Co., Houston, Texas, January 1987

If you are interested in supporting our faculty by establishing an endowed chair, professorship or teaching fellowship, please contact development director Kevin Ludlum at 254.710.6754 or Kevin_Ludlum@baylor.edu.

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