A Message from Dean Maness

Alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, recruiters, donors and friends of the Hankamer School of Business are inextricably linked. The interconnectedness and shared experience of being a member of the Hankamer family is a unique bond that brings us together.

Our faith-based heritage and commitment to integrity provides the foundation for collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships. From student-to-student, student-to-faculty, student-to-recruiter, student-to-alumni, and alumni-to-alumni relationships (among other relationships), Baylor Business fosters and supports engagement on several levels. This complex network, set within a global perspective, allows us to stay connected to our students long after they graduate.

This issue of the Baylor Business Review explores the art of networking and building relationships among Baylor alumni and external groups. From traditional face-to-face meetings to the utilization of social media platforms, building and maintaining professional and personal relationships can be critical for the modern businessperson.

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Baylor Business Review, Spring 2016

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