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Americans are proud and resourceful. From the American Revolution to the civil rights movement to recent terrorist attacks, our nation’s history is steeped in hard work and overcoming hardships during our 240 years as a nation. In this issue of the Baylor Business Review, we evaluate how the economy is doing in 2016.

For more than two years, the American people have watched pundits and politicians discuss the American economy and the major issues facing the country as the presidential election neared. This issue delves into the state of the American economy. In a presidential election year, these conversations become even more relevant topics of discussion. With insights from faculty, these articles approach various matters facing the nation, including the state of the economy, immigration climate, trade liberalization and the rise in American manufacturing. We also talked to Baylor Business alumni, students and faculty to find how Hankamer School of Business community members make an impact on the economy in different ways and in vastly different careers.

We hope to see you at the annual Hankamer School of Business Homecoming Reception on Friday, Oct. 14!

Terry S. Maness
Hankamer School of Business

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Baylor Business Review, Fall 2016

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