Baylor Business Review Crossword Puzzle

by Myles Mellor

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1 Highly respected business school
6 A key part of success in business, involving integrity and honesty
10 Slang name for a law that attempted to improve business standard and accountability
11 Business plans and promises have to be based on ____ to succeed
12 In a direction
13 Dean of the Hankamer School of Business, Terry ____
15 It’s behind every start-up
16 A visit to this city is part of the Global Strategic Management course
19 Earring
20 The name of Baylor’s new strategic vision (goes with 27 down)
21 Baylor students
26 Wide of the mark
28 Visiting other countries and their companies and cultures, as part of the Executive MBA program, will change your _____
32 It can get in the way of just doing the right thing
33 The numbers aka
34 Part of RPS
35 What we should stop doing, per advice covered in the Principled Leadership class and the Bible
39 Religious basis for Baylor’s business school principles
40 Hankamer alum, Managing partner of WorkWise LLC, ____ Schlabs
41 To truly lead you have to _____
42 Hankamer alum, now the Managing Director of Accenture, _____ Solomon

1 Empty exaggerated talk, the basis for failure in business (2 words)
2 Associate professor who leads students through his Principled Leadership classes, Mitchell _____
3 Large tree
4 St. Louis arch locale
5 _____ curricular activities
7 Synonym for educate
8 Resistance to change
9 Cry for help
14 Surprised expression
17 Polite address to a customer
18 Show flexibility, essential in the modern business world
20 One type of strategy style
22 Have a power breakfast, for example
23 Visit
24 What we should start doing according to the Principled Leadership class, and the Bible
25 A place to hang your hat
27 See 20 across
29 Now Beijing
30 Intimidate
31 Creative group, on the cutting edge
36 “I am the Alpha and the _____” Book of Revelation 1:8, 21:6 and 22:13
37 First-rate
38 Customer
39 Tax adviser
40 ____ an exam

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Baylor Business Review, Spring 2013

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