Student Profile: Ana Millet-Martinez

The Sky’s the Limit

By Becca Broadus

Ana Millet-Martinez loves to try new things.

“When I wake up, I think, ‘What can I get into today? What can I learn? What can I see differently?’ Because if I know everything I can know about something, then why am I here? As far as my passions go, learning and traveling are the main two. That’s what I look for in everything I do,” Ana Millet-Martinez said.

She’s always trying to find the next challenge. The next learning opportunity. The next adventure. As the child of a military mom and dad, Millet-Martinez knew travel would always be a part of her future.

“I think being a military kid had a big part in how I was raised,” the native Puerto Rican said. “It had an impact on my appreciation of stability and structure and all of that, but we also traveled a lot. I absolutely loved that. Growing up that way, it’s made me want to pursue seeing the rest of the world.”

When it came time to start seriously considering career options her senior year at Baylor, the Marketing major wanted a job that challenged her and included travel. Thanks to her hard work, she secured a position as a consultant at Accenture.

“With Accenture, the great thing is that the Houston office is like an international hub,” she explained. “I could be working in one of their offices in London or Tokyo. I’ll have U.S. as my home but I could be in a different city or country for weeks or months at a time. That’s what I’m looking for.”

The path that led Millet-Martinez to consulting wasn’t straightforward, though. She started her college career at Texas Tech University with the intent to become a broadcast journalist. After some introspection, she shifted to anesthesiology. With a pre-med major, she decided that transferring to Baylor’s strong pre-med program would be the best move. But then, in a fateful Principles of Marketing class, she fell in love with the subject.

Despite the transfer setting her back on credits, she set a goal to graduate on time with her class as a Marketing major. Taking demanding class loads and summer classes to make up for lost time, she knew that success requires hard work. So she worked hard.

“I want to be successful,” she said. “I want to have income coming from a lot of different places. I want to be happy. How I get there is a mystery. I know it’s a big enough picture that I can reach it, but I don’t have a set path, and I’m OK with that. I have the structure and work ethic to know I can get there.”

Millet-Martinez, a Zeta Tau Alpha and American Marketing Association member, believes success requires more than hard work, though. It demands giving back to your community.

“I strive to be that person who brings positivity to people’s lives,” she said. “Now, more than ever, I think of my impact on people. I’m turning those things about me into things I can do to help others and help my community. Puerto Rico is my home. I do as much as I can to help people out there. Even doing the smallest things makes a difference.”

As long as every morning holds something new—a new opportunity to serve, a new challenge, a new lesson, a new city—Millet-Martinez is ready to meet the day.

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